Hi folks!
If you know anything about me, you know I’m terrible at maintaining a blog or a Twitter feed or a tumblr or whatever. But I’m pretty good at Facebook and I do okay with Instagram, so please come find me at both those places! Meanwhile, welcome to the new website (courtesy of Shannon Hale). I can assure you, you’ll find no blogging here, although as the site takes shape, you’ll likely get updates on convention schedule, upcoming books, and all manner of stuff. And if you don’t know anything about me, please check out the About the Author page for some quick background.

My most recent book is Pete Has Risen from the Grave, Book Two in the Pete, Drinker of Blood series.

Right now, that series includes these titles:

Pete, Drinker of Blood
Doorchick of Darkness (a short eBook-only story featuring Pinball, which takes place between Pete and Pete Has Risen)
Pete Has Risen from the Grave

I’ve recently starting writing the next book in the series, Taste the Blood of Pete.

So nose around and check stuff out! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you dig the books and whatnot!

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Pete Has Risen from the Grave

Book 2

About This Book

Book two in the PETE, DRINKER OF BLOOD series!

Being a vampire in Hollywood should mean livin’ it up.  Pete killed the bad guy, got the girl, and didn’t even lose his job in the process — but it’s never that easy, is it? Trouble soon rolls into town in the shape of Angie’s deadbeat dad, on the run from a gang who practice the basest form of the dark arts.

Now, Pete not only has to meet the dad and fight off a bunch of greasy New York sorcerers, there’s also a new blood-drinker in town, and he’s got his sights — and fangs — set on Angie.

Looks like somebody’s gonna find themselves on the wrong side of her vampire boyfriend.

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