About the Author

Scott-DeckerScott S. Phillips has written all kinds of stuff: films, TV, books, comics and even dialogue for talking dolls. His most recent book is PETE HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE, the sequel to PETE, DRINKER OF BLOOD (and the short story spin-off, DOORCHICK OF DARKNESS). He also wrote the novels SQUIRREL EYES and FRIDAY THE 13TH: CHURCH OF THE DIVINE PSYCHOPATH, the short story collection TALES OF MISERY AND IMAGINATION, and the Boone Butters series of crime stories, beginning with ROOMIES. Scott wrote the screenplay for the cult action flick DRIVE (1997), and 12 episodes of the CW Network’s KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT. Perhaps most importantly, he once performed as stand-in for the legendary Lemmy in the video for Motorhead’s “Sacrifice.”


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